Tegrity is the University of Alabama’s lecture capture system.

Tegrity allows instructors to record their lectures and have those recordings automatically uploaded to the Tegrity Classes area of their Blackboard courses. These recordings most commonly consist of voice capture through the classroom microphone, and screen capture of the lecturer’s computer screen. Once uploaded, these recordings are available to students via streaming online, or through the Tegrity Mobile app. Students are also able to capture their own recordings and upload to their own Tegrity account. Tegrity is available in most UA classrooms and by download to personal computers.

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Using Tegrity
Tegrity Quickstart
Course Tasks
Editing Tegrity Recordings
Bookmarking and Notes
Student Recording
How to Disable Student Downloading
Copying and Downloading Content
Assigning Student Recordings
Installing Tegrity on a Personal Computer
Captioning Tegrity Recordings

Retention Policy

UA’s Tegrity Content Retention Policy
Copying and Downloading Content