Storage resources dedicated to The University of Alabama’s Tegrity recordings are finite, and their allocation must be managed accordingly. In order to ensure that The University of Alabama’s Tegrity storage quota is not exceeded while providing maximum access to relevant Tegrity content, the Technology and Learning Committee, the University of Alabama Academic Technology Governance Committee, along with the Faculty Resource Center, serving as steward for the Tegrity system, have created the following Retention Policy:

Recordings in courses more than 2 years old are subject to having their Tegrity content deleted. For example, Tegrity content created in Fall 2011 will be subject to deletion after the Fall 2013 semester. Faculty with currently relevant content in a course scheduled for deletion may request assistance from the Faculty Resource Center with moving their content to a more current course.

Distance Education courses with 900 or 600 level section numbers are currently exempt from this policy. These courses use Tegrity recordings and their links in a manner that requires retention of recordings for long periods of time. Private courses are also currently exempt from this policy. Therefore, users may choose to move content to their private courses to avoid having that content removed. These exemptions will be periodically reviewed and updated to maintain relevance. Further exemptions may be granted upon request and review by the Faculty Resource Center.

Please note: Blackboard Learn and Tegrity are two separate systems. Creating a backup of a Blackboard Learn course will not ensure retention of that course’s Tegrity Content.

Consult the Tegrity Content Retention Policy Addendum for instructions on how to save Tegrity course content.

Requests to change this policy may be made in writing to the Faculty Resource Center ( The Faculty Resource Center will present requests for policy changes to the Technology and Learning Committee for review.

Tegrity Content Retention Policy Addendum

The steps listed below may be used to save Tegrity content to a local computer. These saved files can be used to restore content to a more current course at a later date. Please contact the Faculty Resource Center with any questions regarding this policy or for assistance with preserving content.

  1. From your Tegrity course page, place a check mark next to the recording that you would like to save.
  2. Click on Recording Tasks and select Download Recording.
  3. You may be asked to install the Tegrity Download Manager if you haven’t already done so. Once the Download Manager is installed, your recording should download automatically.
  4. You can view your recording by clicking on the play button to the left of the title of your recording.

Contact the Faculty Resource Center for assistance with re-uploading content.